Who did kill Laura Palmer?

19 November 2013

For those who still haven’t purchased their tickets to the Divine Comedy shows, we’ve got great news, there are still some admission passes available to Radek Rychcik’s The Devil. The performance combines fascination with pop-cultural icons of evil while at the same time offers their deconstruction. The show is inspired by the cultic 90’s series, Twin Peaks. Red room provides here a passage to the world of imagination that becomes a space for some performative games. The stage is filled with personas which serve as representations of mass culture images of the evil. Unlike in classic horror movies though that inspire the director, the characters cannot bear the weight of their own legendary status.

-          Twin Peaks brings me back to my childhood days. When I was 10 years old I found the character of Bob particularly interesting in the context of the evil, that became an inspiration for the titular devil in my show later on – says Radek Rychcik.


You should order your tickets now before they’re sold out!