Debate: Art and Politics: a Landscape of Mutual Misunderstanding?

03 December 2014

On December 10th at 12.30 AM at the Festival Center, a debate accompanying this year’s Divine Comedy is held. During this discussion the panelists would focus on the blurred role that festivals are expected to play, more and more in recent years, as they are often becoming a controversial field for the implementation of general politics and policies: social, financial, environmental. They would also discuss the position and the prestige of the festival curator/artistic director, and the growing or diminishing degree of her/his independence. The invited guests that would discuss the aforementioned matters are as follows: Sholeh Johnston, who oversees The Julie’s Bicycle Arts Program, Adrienne Goehler, curator and a lecturer, the former President of the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Iphigenia Taxopoulou, General Secretary and the founding member of mitos21 network, Stefanie Carp, dramaturg and festival director, Krystyna Meissner, director of the Dialogue Theatre Festival, Magdalena Sroka, Vice-President of the City of Krakow, Grzegorz Reske, producer of Theatre Confrontations Festival in Lublin and Bartosz Szydłowski, artistic director of Divine Comedy International Theatre Festival. Free admission! Come, join us!