Eat a cake and have a cake

06 December 2013

We would like to invite you today to another Something’s Cooking Backstage event. This one is held under the name To Eat a Cake and Have It: a Discussion About Morally Ambiguous but Common These Days Combing the Profession of a Critic and a Curator. This panel discussion involves baking fortune cookies.

The guests of the brunch are as follows:


Anna Herbut, critic and theatre dramaturg
Michał Libera, critic, curator and music producer
Stach Szabłowski, art critic and the curator of CSW Zamek Ujazdowski,
Jacek Sieradzki, editor-in-chief of “Dialog” – drama journal and Artistic Director of Interpretacje Theatre Festival

Host: Paweł Soszyński, editor of the cultural magazine


During the discussion our Chef Bartłomiej of bakes, together with the audience, special fortune cookies. Everyone is supposed to prepare their very own prediction and roll it over with the dough. Once the cookies are baked, everyone draws their own fortune goodies. December 11th at noon at Bunkier Sztuki. Join us!