Standing ovation

12 December 2013

The packed presentation of one of the Polish Contest INFERNO shows, Catherine the Great, directed by Wiktor Rubin, a production of Żeromski Theatre in Kielce, took place last night. The show, based on a play by Jolanta Janiczak, deconstructs classical historical narratives and treats a tale of the empress as an excuse for revealing the tensions between power and gender. Great acting team, with Marta Ścisłowicz playing the lead role, exposes their bodies, making them often a kind of an arena for the political power play. In a Dantesque Scenes meeting, facilitated by Łukasz Maciejewski, Jola Janiczak said that the theme for the play originated in a joke they made together with one of the actors, Tomasz Nosiński and she is definitely not interested in realistic theatre, but instead in performative actions that often result in mocking traditional theatre conventions. Wiktor Rubin confessed that he’s got a great working relationship with the whole team and the show, despite its bold and controversial scenes is a big success with the audience in Kielce. Last but not least, the actors mentioned that working with Rubin and Janiczak always inspires them and sometimes the improvisations become parts of the text itself.