20 November 2013

For those who haven’t purchased their tickets yet to the festival shows, we’ve got good news – there are still some available to Wiktor Rubin’s Catherine the Great. The performance produced by Stefan Żeromski Theatre in Kielce is inspired by the story of Catherine the Great and offers a reflection on history and its relation to power and gender. Based on a play by Jolanta Janiczak, the show not only problematizes the life of a legendary empress but also uses her story as a metaphor that is supposed to reveal the mechanisms behind writing and producing history. The play itself was among this year’s finalists for the Gdynia Playwriting Prize and is a precise analysis of politics and power that still are marked out by male-centric and normative narrations. Rubin and Janiczak manage not only to create a kind of an alternative “herstory”, but also an intelligent composition that deconstructs the well-known structures through which the patriarchal system operates.


Catherine the Great intrigues, provokes, annoys, interests and gets on one’s nerves. It’s impossible to be bored while watching it”, Grzegorz Kozera, notespoetycki.blogspot.com


“Strong, provocative, controversial – this is the shortest and most effective way to describe the show”, Grzegorz Kozera, notespoetycki.blogspot.com