INFERNO: Catherine the Great

25 October 2013

The next title that’s going to compete in the Polish Contest, INFERNO, at this year’s edition of Divine Comedy festival is Catherine the Great, directed by Wiktor Rubin!

The show premiered at Żeromskiego Theatre in Kielce, questions so-called “historical truth” and the modes of narrating the past. Based on Jolanta Janiczak’s script, the performance not only tells the legendary story of Catherine the Great, but uses her case as a kind of a metaphor intended to reveal the mechanisms behind writing and producing history. The playwright’s ambition is not to create an objective narrative about the Empress’s life, nor to sketch out a psychologically credible portrait. Presenting the action from the point of view of an extraordinary woman who had a unique chance to actually hold power, Rubin and Janiczak show us her process of training and disciplining her body on her “way to the throne”. At the same time, the stage language is quite strong and pointed and it pierces right through gender and cultural stereotypes, exposing gender and sex limitations not only from the past, but also from the present. 


„Text resonates really well with the stage. Superb set design by Mirek Kaczmarek."
Grzegorz Cuper,

Świętokrzyski Miesięcznik Kulturalny Teraz


„The cast of the show is excellent and Marta Ścisłowicz as Catherine the Great makes a spectacular debut on the scene of Żeromskiego theatre”

Anna Salamon, portal e-Vive


“History here is not a matter of gossip or pornographic obscenity, but also material for modern dreams”

Witold Mrozek, Gazeta Wyborcza