Divine Premieres - The Whale The Globe

26 October 2016

Divine Comedy Festival has its very own tradition. Every year we co-produce at least two shows which premiere during the festival. „The Whale The Globe” based on a play by Mateusz Pakuła, directed by Eva Rysova and co-produced with Stary Theatre from Lublin will premiere on December, the 9th. 

“The Whale The Globe” is a play about empathy and the willingness to rescue those in need, but also about the price that must be paid in order to save someone. Twisted, witty dialogue by Mateusz Pakuła explores the limits of the imagination, confronting, in a real post-humanist manner, the world of animals and humans. The play’s author underlines: „The Whale” is a story about recovery and charity, about words and about the fact that words are unable to reflect our feelings, about the healing power of music, about affection, giving birth and the limits of our imagination. Maybe it also tells a story about Krzysztof Globisz’s former students - about their experiences told through his experience? This project touches many important subjects, it asks a lot of questions - about empathy, about therapy trough art etc.