Meet the jury!

01 December 2014

Just like every year, Divine Comedy plays are judged by the international Jury. This year the Jury members are: Peter Crawley, theatre critic affiliated with The Irish Times, Judit Csaki, a journalist and theatre critic, Norman Armour, the founder of the international Push festival, Meiyin Wang, the director of Under the Radar festival, Bia Junqueira, artist, director and curator, German dramaturg Stefanie Carp and Deepean Sivaraman, Indian director and set designer. A really intensive week awaits the Jury members, during which they will get to watch at least 15 plays and spend roughly 33 hours at the theatre…. But for the real theatre-lovers it is nothing but pure pleasure! They would be able to make it to every show thanks to reliable company JORDAN. Hopefully, they would leave Krakow amazed and inspired – just like every year!