Women as lovers

13 December 2013

The presentation of the INFERNO show Women as Lovers, directed by Ewelina Marciniak, took place yesterday. The performance, based on Elfriede Jelinek’s novel, uses original text to engage the audience into the cycle of games that are supposed to reveal gender and sex inequalities that are the basic foundation of the oppressive patriarchal system. Adapted for the stage by Michał Buszewicz lines, circle around cruel cultural stereotypes according to which women’s aim in life is to get married. Our audience was stunned with the intense acting and four main performers: Dorota Androsz, Piotr Biedroś, Katarzyna Dałek and Piotr Domalewski not only masterfully improvise interactions with the viewers but also do a whole dance and moves routine while speaking ideologically complicated words with amazing lightness. The set design by Marta Stoces MizBeware, which main element is a wall built of artificial plants that the characters go through from time to time, adds up a symbolic dimension to the stage action and musical numbers performed by Ala Masskotka, like Brechtian songs comment on plot and provide some necessary distance.