Second day of the festival: two premieres!

05 December 2015

The second day of the Divine Comedy festival will begin at noon, with the meeting with Ivan Vyrypaev and his team, the artists behind the production "Unbearably Long Embraces," which opened our festival on Friday.
The discussion with the artists at the festival centre Bunkier Sztuki will be moderated by the renowned theatre critic Jacek Cieślak. We hope that we will be joined there by those who watched the production on Friday, but also those who are planning to see it on Saturday and Sunday (showings at the National Stary Theatre, main stage, 8 p.m.).
Saturday 5 December is rich in PURGATORIO attractions (Special and Accompanying Events).
Still full of awe after the Friday's experience, today we will have the chance to watch two more premieres, i.e. "Kalkstein / The Black Sun" directed by Joanna Grabowiecka and "Significant Others: Depressions. Szymborska, Rymkiewicz, Bielicka" directed by Jacek Kozłowski.
The first of the above is a fascinating story of one of the greatest traitors in the post-war Polish history. The man who denounced Stefan Grot-Rowecki to the Germans and whose favourite operating method was "love affair on orders." Ludwik Kalkstein is a Super Polish Hero à rebours. His life gives the artists a pretext for a debate on present-day Poland and fluidity of such concepts as patriotism, motherland, heroism and treason. The other production is our second encounter with Wałbrzych stand-up. Three different actors will use elements of biographies of universally praised heroes in order to present - using three different conventions - a mocking portrait of "super Polish heroes." Showing at 9 p.m., Ludowy Theatre, Scena Pod Ratuszem (the stage under the town hall tower in the Main Square).
More about Saturday premieres in the Calendar section on our website. We wish you divine reading and see you soon!