Request Concert among the best productions

24 September 2015

Our co-production has been noticed again! The performance directed by Yana Ross and played by Danuta Stenka shone in the 'Best of 2014/2015' selection published by 'Teatr' - one of the most important periodicals about stage art.
'Request Concert' won in the following categories: The Best Performance, The Best Foreign-language Production, The Best Director and The Best Actress. The production premiered during the 7th edition of the International Divine Comedy Theatre Festival. It was co-produced by Łaźnia Nowa Theatre and TR Warszawa. The best performances of the last season were selected by critics who on a daily basis publish in leading Polish media. Sixteen critics put forward their choices in the following twenty categories: The Best Production, The Best Polish Play (published or staged), The Best Foreign Play (published or staged), The Best Adaptation (text adaptation), The Beest Director, The Best Stage Design, The Best Choreography, The Best Music, The Best Actress, The Best Actor, The Best Bit Part, The Best Debut, The Best Theatre, The Best Puppet Play, The Best Musical, The Best Televised Performance and/or Radio Play, The Best Off Production, The Best Book on Theatre, The Disappointment of the Year, The Scandal of the Year. Among the winning performances there is also 'Woodcutters' - the winner of the last year's edition of the Divine Comedy Festival.