Studied Anthropology at the Universidad Nacional in Bogotá. Her first jobs included working for the Pedagogical Institute of the Education Secretary of Bogotá; a research project in ceramics, basketry and textiles co-authored and published two books on these subjects; The National Rehabilitation Plan sponsored by the Presidency of Colombia; the Jorge Eliecer Gaitan Theater as Director; and the NGO Viva La Ciudadanía. In 1993 began working with Fanny Mikey in the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogota (FITB) and in the Teatro Nacional, as Director of Public and International Relations. In 2010 became the Director of the FITB having being responsible for the XII, XIII, XIV, XV and XVI versions of the FITB, the Bicentennial Commemoration in 2010, the closing ceremony of the Sub 20 FIFA World Cup in Bogota in 2011 and the opening ceremony of the World Games held in Cali in 2013. For one year starting in March of 2016, Anamarta was appointed as Artistic Director of Teatro Nacional, a cultural institution with 3 venues and an educational center for aspiring actors. She is member of the International Advisory Committee of the Master of Management in International Arts of HEC Montreal.


Medenica defended his PhD dissertation at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. He works at the FDA as a professor of The History of World Drama and Theatre. He regularly publishes articles in both the national and the international journals. He was the Chairman or Co-Chairman of five international symposiums of theatre critics and scholars organized by Sterijino Pozorje Festival in Novi Sad and the International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC). Medenica has participated in a number of international conferences and given guest lectures at Humboldt University (Berlin), Yale School of Drama, University of Cluj (Romania). Medenica is an active theater critic and has received six times the national award for the best theatre criticism. His book “The tragedy of initiation or the inconstant prince” was also awarded as the best book on theater published in Serbia (2017). He was the Artistic Director of Sterijino Pozorje in Novi Sad, the leading national theater festival in Serbia (2003–07). From 2001 to 2012, Medenica was one of the main editors of the journal Teatron which than became the prestigious theater publication in Serbia and was awarded by an international prize. He was a fellow in the International Research Center „Interweaving Performance Cultures“ at the Freie Universität in Berlin (2011–13). He is a member of the International Association of Theater Critics’ Executive Committee and the Director of its international conferences. He is also member of the editorial board of “Critical Stages”, the web journal of the Association. Medenica is the artistic director of Bitef festival.


He is considered to be an out-standing producer within the Mexican performing arts industry. He is the Secretary of Linking and Cultural Difusion of the Arts, Architecture, and Design Center of the University of Guadalajara since 2007. He majored in Communication Sciences in the Mexico’s National University and then studied Acting in Mexico’s renowned “Nucleo de Estudios Teatrales.” He is the founder director of the “Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes” company, which has successfully presented its productions in Mexico, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and The United States of America. He worked as Executive Producer and coordinator for the “Festival Internacional Cervantino”. Later on, he joined the University of Guadalajara as Coordinator of the Performing Arts and Literature. He participated on The Chief Executive Program by Harvard Business School. Also, he has been jury for different institutions such as FONCA, EFITEATRO, EFIARTES, and HELÉNICO. An active member of the National Arts Strategies program (NAS) and is a board member of the International Society of the Performing Arts (ISPA).


Creator and Artistic Director of MITsp – International Theater Festival of São Paulo, Artistic Director of “Teatro da Vertigem” and professor of the Performing Arts Department and Postgraduate Program
(PPGAC) of the Communication and Art School of the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP). Directed the following plays: “O Paraíso Perdido” (“Lost Paradise”) (1992), “O Livro de” (“Job’s Book”) (1995), “Apocalipse 1,11” (2000), “BR-3” (2006), “História de Amor: últimos capítulos” (“Love Story: Last Chapters”) (2007), the “Dido and Enéas” opera (2008), “Bom Retiro 958 Meters” (2012), the “Orfeo and Euridice” opera (2012), “Dire Ce Qu’on ne Pense pas Dans des Langues Qu’on ne Parle Pas” (2014), “Patronato 999 Meters” (2015), among others. He won the Golden Medal Award of the Prague Quadrennial in the category Best Realization of a Production in 2011 with “BR-3”. Antônio was curator of “Próximo Ato” (Next Act – International Contemporary Theatre Meeting), “Rumos Teatro” (Rumos Theatre) and of the Performing Arts World Meeting (ECUM).