phot. Natalia Kabanow
Marcin Liber
Autor tekstu:
Jacek Dehnel
Czas trwania:
120 minutes

Polish theatre’s first zombie comedy with metaphoric spectres in the background. A backwoods cemetery has been ravaged in Cikowice near Bochnia, and bodies from three damaged graves are missing. Destruction repeats in other locations, yet the authorities stubbornly maintain that it has nothing to do with the pandemic, and certainly not with a zombie pandemic. Marcin Liber used Jacek Dehnel’s novel of the same title to put up a macabre and politically incorrect cabaret, and to use the opportunity to make the Polish reality see itself in a mirror, and he takes no hostages. The cabaret portrays a perfect catalogue of Polish sins reinforced with a comic and horrifying vision of what would happen if nationalism in the proprietary Polish version ruled the world all over as it would now only be reigned by true Poles. The production hurries at a staggering pace, the scenes flash and die like fireworks, and the badly graveyard mood of the whole is reinforced with great live music and songs played by Nagrobki (The Tombs) band.

Sekcja Biała strzałka w prawo
Michał Kmiecik
Adaptation and dramaturgy
Mirek Kaczmarek
Scenography, video projections, lights
Grupa Mixer – Monika Ulańska, Dorota Gaj-Woźniak, Robert Woźniak
Anna Antoniewicz
Dagna Dywicka
Wiktoria Grabowska
Ewelina Gronowska
Joanna Kasperek
Beata Pszeniczna
Zuzanna Wierzbińska
Aneta Wirzinkiewicz
Beata Wojciechowska
Mateusz Bernacik
Bartłomiej Cabaj
Janusz Głogowski
Edward Janaszek
Jacek Mąka
Wojciech Niemczyk
Andrzej Plata
Łukasz Pruchniewicz
Dawid Żłobiński