Katarzyna Minkowska
Autor tekstu:
Maria Kuncewiczowa
Czas trwania:
140 minutes

Katarzyna Minkowska, a representative of the youngest generation of Polish theatre directors reaches for a classical novel of Maria Kuncewiczowa from between the two world wars, still considered a model psychologic portrayal and the author’s greatest achievement. She uses it, cooperating with the vigorous acting ensemble of the Polski Theatre in Poznań to make a thoroughly contemporary play that remains consistent with the spirit of the original, continuing upon its tone, and not afraid of true emotions. Róża (in that role, Alona Szostak, an actress of Russian pedigree, living and working in Poland for many years) tries to model her daughter to her own image, irrespective of the costs that they are both going to bear in the process. A tale of love that is both tender and toxic, and a moving portrait of a woman build a fascinating mood, far from indifference. This theatre is for everyone, which in the case of Minkowska’s Cudzoziemka / The Stranger does not mean any compromises.

Sekcja Biała strzałka w prawo
Katarzyna Minkowska, Tomasz Walesiak
Tomasz Walesiak
Wojciech Frycz
Aneta Jankowska
Katarzyna Minkowska, Łukasz Mleczak
Łukasz Mleczak
Paulina Góral
Agata Rucińska
Video projections
Adam Domurat
Music director
Accompanied by the Orkiestra Antraktowa of the Polski Theatre in Poznań
Barbara Krasińska
Monika Roszko
Kornelia Trawkowska
Mariusz Adamski
Michał Kaleta
Michał Sikorski
Alona Szostak
Andrzej Szubski