The tickets for all events conducted by the Organiser are delivered electronically via email as order confirmation.

Upon any ticket purchase from our website the Buyer will receive two confirmation messages: one from dotpay that confirms that the payment has been processed (this message is not a ticket and does not permit entry to the performance), and another one from our website (this one includes the ticket).

The printed ticket purchase confirmation is the document that gives its holder the right to access the performance venue. The Buyer is kindly asked to safely store this document and never hand it over to any third persons (this refers especially to the bar code which is used for ticket identification).

The performances take place in various venues and seats are not always numbered: 

- for the purchase of tickets for performances taking place in venues in which the seats are numbered the Buyer can choose their preferred seat number from the auditorium plan provided,

- for the purchase of tickets for performances taking place in venues in which the seats are not numbered the auditorium plan is not provided during the purchase.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: we do not make any email and phone bookings.

If you do not receive the email confirmation upon your purchase, please check your spam box before contacting us.

After placing an order in the system, the Client is automatically redirected to the safe payment system dotpay. There are two payment methods accepted: electronic money transfer and credit card.

After placing the order, the Client has 30 minutes to make the payment. If they fail to make the payment during this time, their order will be cancelled.

Only one and the first person holding the valid ticket purchase confirmation will be admitted to the performance.

Latecomers who fail to arrive on time specified in the festival programme may not be admitted to the performance. If this is the case, they are not eligible for any refunds.

Only students under 26, pensioners and persons with disability are eligible for discounts. While being admitted they must carry valid documents proving their eligibility (student card, pensioner card etc.). There is a limited amount of discount tickets on sale.

The Vendor reserves the right to change: ticket price, ticket types, promotions. This right however does not apply to any orders and contracts made before the date of such changes, as announced by the Vendor.

The Vendor cannot be held responsible for not placing orders, failed delivery of order confirmation, and inability to make payment caused by inaccurate email address or other data given by the Client, internet connection problems and other circumstances unrelated to the service provider.

The full list of terms and conditions is to be found on our website under 'terms and conditions.' Please read them carefully before making your purchase. Placing an order is considered as accepting terms and conditions.

Contact:, tel. no. +48 504 416 796, Mon-Fri 12:00-6:00 pm